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Our portable sheds team believes that everyone deserves access to high-quality, affordable storage shed solutions, regardless of their budget. That’s why we specialize in offering repossessed portable storage sheds, garages, and cabins at significantly reduced prices. Our unique inventory provides a variety of options that cater to your specific needs, whether for your home, business, or recreational use.

Discover Our Wide Range of Repossessed Storage Solutions


Looking for a cozy retreat or an extra room? Our portable cabins can transform into a perfect getaway spot, a home office, or an art studio. These repossessed cabins offer unbeatable value, combining functionality with aesthetics, and they can be easily customized to match your taste and requirements.


Our selection of repossessed sheds offers you the perfect opportunity to acquire a high-quality storage unit at a fraction of the cost. These sheds are ideal for storing tools, garden equipment, and seasonal decorations, helping you free up space in your home and keep your belongings organized and secure.


Need a shelter for your vehicle or extra storage space for larger items? Our repossessed portable garages are the answer. Available in various sizes and styles, these garages can protect your vehicle from the elements or serve as additional storage for ATVs, motorcycles, or lawn equipment.

Why Choose to Buy a Repo Shed From Us?


By purchasing a “repo shed” or repossessed portable buildings, you’ll save significantly while still acquiring a product that meets high-quality standards.

Variety of Options

We have an ever-changing inventory that includes a wide range of styles, sizes, and features. You’re sure to find something that fits your exact needs.


Buying repossessed is an excellent way to reduce waste and support sustainability. These Repo Sheds are in a variety of “as-is” conditions, providing you an economical way to own a well-built portable building.

Expert Advice

Our knowledgeable team is here to guide you through the selection process, ensuring that you find the perfect portable building for your needs.

How It Works

Purchasing, using Repo Sheds Near me is simple and straightforward:

1. Have A Look
Browse our extensive inventory on our user-friendly inventory website or visit us in person.
2. Choose Your Portable Building
Select the building that best suits your needs based on size, style, and functionality.
3. Financing or RTO, and Delivery
We offer flexible financing options, and Rent To Own to ensure affordability. Once you’ve made your choice, we’ll arrange for delivery and setup, at your location.
Roof Styles on Our Repo Sheds For Sale

We offer a variety of roof styles and portable building types to ensure that every customer finds exactly what they need for their specific storage or living space requirements. Each of our portable buildings is crafted with durability in mind, featuring robust steel frames, steel siding, and roofing. They are precision built, robotically precise so that quality is maintained. Discover the perfect combination of style, functionality, and longevity with our selection of portable sheds, garages, and cabins.

Versatile Roof Styles

Our portable buildings come with three distinct roof styles, each offering unique benefits and aesthetic appeal:

End Gable Roof

Our portable buildings come with three distinct roof styles, each offering unique benefits and aesthetic appeal:

Side Gable Roof

Similar to the end gable, the side gable roof extends along the length of the building, offering a sleek profile and excellent drainage capabilities. This style is perfect for those needing a harmonious blend of practicality and subtlety in design. This style is available on portable sheds, portable cabins, and in rare instances, portable garages.

Gambrel  Roof

Often seen in barn-style buildings, the gambrel roof features a double-sloped side that allows for more upper storage space. It is ideal for anyone needing extra headroom and floor space, making it a popular choice for workshops or lofted cabins. This style is available on portable sheds, and portable garages, but is very popular with portable cabins, due to the additional space for a loft sleeping area.

There Are Three Basic Building Types of Repo Sheds For Sale On Our Lot

We Offer a Diverse Selection of Types of Portable Buildings – The Repo Lot specializes in three main types of portable buildings, each designed to cater to different needs:

Portable Sheds

Ideal for storing everything from garden tools to seasonal decorations, our portable sheds are versatile and can be customized to fit your storage needs. They are a practical solution to declutter your home and secure your valuables.

Portable Garages

Protect your vehicles from the elements with our sturdy and spacious portable garages. These units can also serve as additional storage for larger items like boats, motorcycles, and workshop tools, providing a flexible solution to your space requirements.

Portable Cabins

Our portable cabins offer a charming and comfortable space that can be used as a guest house, home office, or creative studio. With the added benefit of being easily relocatable, these cabins provide a practical and aesthetic addition to any property.


All our portable buildings are constructed with high-quality steel frames, steel siding, and roofing. This construction not only ensures exceptional durability and resistance to weather elements but also provides enhanced security for your belongings or workspace. The steel materials are low maintenance and offer superior protection compared to traditional wooden structures, ensuring that your investment remains in top condition for years to come.

Why Choose Us?

When you choose The Repo Lot for your portable storage building needs, you’re investing in quality and durability. Our diverse roof styles, building types, and robust construction mean that we have the solution you need to enhance your property efficiently and affordably.

Explore our range today and discover the perfect portable shed building that meets your style, needs, and budget, all while enjoying the long-lasting benefits of steel construction.


Whether you’re decluttering your home, protecting your vehicle, or expanding your living space, we have Repo Sheds for sale at the right price. Visit our website inventory or stop by our lot to discover how our repossessed portable buildings can meet your storage needs without breaking the bank.

Experience the benefits of quality, affordability, and excellent customer service we offer on Repo Sheds for sale today – where every repossessed building is a steppingstone to more space and better living!


Explore Our Hassle-Free Rent-to-Own Sheds Program

When you buy a Repo Shed from The Repo Lot, we understand that budget constraints and credit issues can make it challenging to purchase the portable storage shed solution you need. That’s why we’re proud to offer a flexible Rent-to-Own program designed to fit your financial situation without the stress of traditional financing. Our rent-to-own options are available for sheds, cabins, and garages, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to own a high-quality portable storage building with ease and affordability.

No Credit Checks, No Problem!

Our Rent-to-Own Sheds program is tailored to support you, regardless of your financial history. We believe in providing a second chance to those who need it:

No Credit Checks

Don’t let credit issues stop you from acquiring the storage space you need. We don’t conduct credit checks, meaning your financial past does not impact your ability to purchase through rent to own sheds.

Everyone Qualifies

With our universal qualification process, “No Credit Check” and if you have the initial small deposit, you’re already approved. It’s that simple!

Simple and Efficient Process

We’ve streamlined our Rent-to-Own Sheds process to make it as straightforward and efficient as possible:

Flexible and

Our Rent-to-Own Sheds program is designed to provide maximum flexibility to fit your lifestyle and budget:

Benefits of Rent to Own Sheds

Choosing our Rent-to-Own Sheds program comes with several advantages:

Build Equity

Every payment you make is a step closer to owning your building outright. Unlike renting a storage unit elsewhere, your money is an investment towards ownership.

Immediate Use

Gain immediate access to your portable building without the full upfront costs. This means you can start utilizing your storage shed, garage, or cabin right away, which can be especially beneficial for urgent storage needs.

So whether you’re in need of a portable shed, portable garage, or portable cabin you’ll find a wide selection of them at excellent prices on our lot.



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