Our very popular lofted barn sheds are known for their sound construction, durability and amazing storage space. We always aim to improve the materials we use for these steel buildings, as well as manufacturing procedures. That is why we use the modular method in the construction of our barns. The wall and roof section is independent of the overall building system and structure, which is exactly how homes are built today.

You can choose traditional wood framing for your shed, or steel. The difference with steel is that the walls have rectangular modules with 2×4, bottom and top plates that are diagonally connected by hat channel bracing, also called hard steel T-wall. Even with high winds, the wall system will still be tough and unyielding.

In addition, our roof is vaulted with hat channel that are connected to each roof rafter every 24″, for horizontal and vertical and shear protection.

Whatever type of harsh weather comes your way, these barn sheds can withstand all that.


We have years of experience when it comes to serving customers with a diverse array of needs. As more technological advancements are unveiled, our customers’ needs continue to evolve. We can incorporate a wide range of modern features into your lofted sheds we are more than happy to answer any questions that you might have.

There are many different options available to you when it comes to creating your ideal pre-built lofted sheds, and we are eager to collaborate with you to bring your ideas to life.


You can choose the design, color and style of your lofted sheds. You can use our 3D Builder to customize these portable buildings to meet your needs, as well as your budget. The choices are limitless!

Action Buildings’ portable utility sheds are the best choice for you if you want an additional storage building at an affordable cost. These lofted sheds can be an extension of your home. Maximize that vacant space in your backyard and install the portable lofted shed there.


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